We all know that Syria is facing a terrible war since March 2011. Yes, guys, 5 years of “civil” war and still going on… But Syrian refugees don’t do any effort to go back to their country (or what still exists…), really, they don’t realise how not proper it is to stay in peaceful countries where they can hope for some rest and maybe work again (and even maybe find again a kind of “normal” life!)! No really… Shame on us Occidental people! If the 1/4 of the 1/10 happened in our countries, we would be chocked and scared (with reason), so why it could be different for the others?! And, yes, stupid, scary and dangerous people exist in these areas… as in ours! Look around you!

Here is just a short explanation of what happened and still going on in Aleppo, capital of Syria and one of the (lost) world treasures!

Note: there are lots and lots of videos that you can find on YouTube and elsewhere but I didn’t judge useful to display a violent one.

And here an excellent series of videos (but very hard) from Save the Children, transferring the Syrian war in an Occidental country. Just to help to understand.

Cover picture from Resolution:Possible “The Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo, Syria, before and after the conflict began. The contrast of the two images saddens us with the devastation caused by war, yet how much do we know about our responsibility for it? (Images via the New York Post, by Reuters)”

Helene Herniou

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