You had the opportunity to discover the creating work of Anne Macairet on cliophile last month. From this meeting is born a new collaboration between Anne and cliophile, occasion now to find every month the creator with a total carte blanche to talk about her work and her way of working and challenges of a professional creator who places her absolutes in the core and as engineer of her work.

What would be a book without a prologue? Here is her dreamt (auto-) interview!

She’s been creating since her childhood. Multidisciplinary studies and many experiments with passionate professionals upheld these skills. Anne Macairet is affirming herself and offers you her skills by signing her own decoration collections. Curious by this personality, searching the “global truth”, here we are in her duplex apartment in Montpellier. She welcomes me, very relax (when she is at home, she doesn’t want to wear something else than comfortable fabric. “For outside, I don’t wear, I decorate myself”)

Hiya Anne. You seem in calm and well furnished space for working. Can you tell us more about this creating activity you have created few months ago?

Anne Macairet childHi (she’s laughing then comes back serious) hum hum yes I decided slightly by chance to launch my little collections. I made a lot of home-made gifts to my family and friends. But since a child, without any professional techniques, I tinkered. I remember having creating a gymnasium interior model for a primary school friend or also, by putting together two silk pieces of fabric from my mother, I shaped a gown. Well, I couldn’t wear it because I didn’t think volumes at this time but it’s funny, wasn’t it?


(We laugh) You seem closely linked to your childhood. You recount with empathy and sympathy.

… Yes, I am quite very fond of this little Anne, a bit rebel and creative. (silence) I think it’s also to find consistency in my experience, find this since-always essence. I use it as a guide finding my space in the society. To be truthful and don’t stay stuck to long in another way that my own way. To know staying, leaving, sorting, collecting… such as a filter which keeps only the essential, you know?

(she’s serving coffee in one of her cups from the small little line collection) You’ve talked about the practice of your jobs, tell us more about them and how do you manage all this creative energy?

Anne Macairet_WOod logoIt’s quite simple actually, they are quite different. The collections creator, the illustrator and the artist. The creator allows me to suggest a selling product and being in other homes, to think creativity as a trading element without losing my way of thinking and creating. The illustrator side affords drawing and collaborating with companies. Finally the visual-choreographer artist side is my field of research and experimentation.

Your collections are strongly influenced by drawing…

I would say that drawing offers an easy customisation and identification for an inside home. A strewed pattern, some plants, few objects, woods and light and interior becomes home sweet home.

As it is in your home?

Exactly. I really enjoy staying at home, I like that my home is nice, sorted, tidy, simple and elegant.

Why your collections have names?

That allows me to see clearer, the “small little line” is a line pattern which is infinitely scattered every-where (on objects but also on pieces of fabric). “WOod“ because I started from unwanted wood pieces from the works for the Mona Market Just Kids store, when I collaborated with Elisabeth. I started then to create and develop an entire objects, textile design… collection around these elements.

How do you manage this openness?

Going always further, open boundaries,… Thinking. Creating. Everything has to come together but take also longer.

Tell us more about your creations and current challenges.

Selling! And prepare the Use your private life art project exhibition.

Anne Macairet_use your private life projectWhat is the use your private life art project?

It is an experimentation project made three years ago, between Paris and Barcelona. Poetry, graphic story, cinematographic journey… a huge very personal creating work. It’s time now to show it.

Waw, eager to discover it! Anne, tell us where we can find your capsule collections?

In the South of France, in Mona Kids in Montpellier but also on e-commerce websites such as a little market. But I have to say that I prefer making on order and place relationship with costumer in one-to-one, a little more discreet to create an exclusive unique moment with the customer, a match. Even if is a trading match.
I’m working on widen selling opportunities by finding other concept-stores in the Montpellier area.

 Well, break a leg for this! Last word? 

Be persistent and patient. Take care of yourself. Crucial meetings will come later, as the icing on the life cake. Haahahah (she’s laughing as a child), eat sausage, cheese and good wine. After, bedtime and do it again hahaha (she’s keeping laughing).

Helene Herniou

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