Press review logo Homeless people are not lazy-under-drugs-violent guys who think better to live on the humide, cold and unfriendly streets than under a warm and cosy roof! (shame on you so much Nottingham council! ERK!) Yes, of course, everyone knows that… or must know it but it seems still so important to say it again and again and remember that we are before everything human beings and for this, have to think more with our hearts than with our wallets!
Here is a video about this amazing guy, barber, who decided to help homeless people by doing what he knows to do, hairdressing. Little improvement and a max on their soul, just bravo sir!

“Josh Coombes is a hairdresser with a huge salon: the streets of London.
The 29-year-old has been giving free haircuts to homeless people for the past year. Photos of the results are posted on an Instagram account which has thousands of followers.
It’s part of an campaign by Josh and friends Matt Spracklen and Dave Burt, which is using the the hashtag #DoSomethingforNothing, to encourage people to help others, any way they can.
Video Journalist: Alvaro A. Ricciardelli”

You can follow Josh Coombes on Twitter, Instagram and Mashable

Helene Herniou

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