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Haggis, neeps & taties, Big Peat whisky & Smith beerThis Sunday 25th of January night, many Scottish (from far or near) and other gourmets will celebrate Robert Burns, his poems and Haggis!
What could linked Haggis and Burns? (except that both are Scottish of course) Well, Robert Burns actually wrote a poem to… haggis! Yes, strange… but the Address to a Haggis is only one of the main events during this supper!
It seems that a “proper” Burns supper has to unfold as following:

1) Pipping the guests
2) Welcome them by a speech from the host
3) The Selkirk Grace (also known as “Burns Grace at Kirkcudbright” attributed to Burns but without any definitive proof)
4) “Pipping” the haggis (and, not really astonishingly, there are some dedicated songs for this special event! Interesting fact, not necessarily performed by a bagpipe)
5) Address to a Haggis declaimed (Note: if you can say it with the accent, good for you but I’m sure there is no penalty if not) and toast to the haggis
6) Yummy!! It seems that, normally, a traditional Burns supper is made by a Scottish soup, then Haggis with neeps (swede mashed) and tatties (potatoes mashed). After this, dessert course (traditionally a Tipsy Laird (kind of Tiramisù with custard, without chocolate nor coffee but Scottish raspberries.. Burns miracle for this season?!) or a Clootie pudding (fruit pudding with clouted cream)). Then cheese and oatcakes. Of course, widely Scottish whisky drowned!
7) Come entertainments (after all, if you do a long and formal supper, it’s a good idea to not bored your guests but entertained them!)
8) Toast to the Lassies. It seems that at the beginning, it was to thank the (female) cookers; now, tradition is stayed but to women in general. Funny but not offensive (Four weddings and a funeral style)
9) Reply from the Ladies. Same but inverse.
10) To not forget that this night is dedicated to Burns and his work, some of them are read after dinner. Then everyone congratulate the others for this successful evening (guests and hosts). Some times, dances or just “good night guys!”


Video gallery to accompany your evening! 😉

Helene Herniou

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