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PoWE! – Alice Russell

Let’s change of atmosphere and join the strength and impressive voice of Alice Russell! Alice Russell balance au 105 – le 6 juin 2013 by Fipradio

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How works a trumpet?

Did you ever wondered how works a trumpet?

Every noise at once

Every noise at onceis really impressive website: its aim is to map every single kind of music styles that exist. Wow! Impressive! Have fun while browsing!        

The Floating Piers, Christo & Jeanne-Claude

This is the new performance of Christo, “specialist” of the long veil on the public space: artificial floating piers on the Italian Iseo Lake, covered by an orange veil. Really interestingly, these floating links redesign the geographical area by ignoring

PoWE! – Cream

What better than lazying with good music during your week end days?! I open this new rubric “PoWE!” (standing for “Playlist of your Week End”) with “Cream”, considered as the first “super group”, founded by the bassist and singer Jack Bruce,

Bruniquel: the oldest human sculpted cave ever found

A cave found in February 1990 in the South West of France seems to be the theatre of the oldest cave with a human shaped camp. Néandertal à Bruniquel by CNRS “It is from 2013 that a research team, with

TRUE STORY, no more

New article of the artist Anne Macairet, No more I go to sleep with words that I want to write you, those of a letter open to confidence about every interstices between creative pulsion, true life, projects and so on.

Does art have a social role?

This can seem a silly question: Art having a social role? What’s the relevance of such a question? Is it its role to have “a role”? And social in more! We can also add “why on earth ART does need to

TRUE STORY, le reflet d’une époque

Je dois admettre que j’ai eu le stress de la page blanche, et tout un processus de problématiques « paraboliques ». Dois-je écrire sur le papier à même le papier le toucher du papier la main sur le papier le

{PRESS} Protecting perforning art by restrictions…

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, launched “Busk in London” with the aim to protect and encourage busking in the street. But, when you read thoroughly the “official guidelines for busking in London” they tell us another story…. What says “the

[Chapter 15] Create for following your ideals

Introduction You had the opportunity to discover the creating work of Anne Macairet on cliophile last month. From this meeting is born a new collaboration between Anne and cliophile, occasion now to find every month the creator with a total

A new rubric on cliophile!

This month, not really an edito but a reminder of what you can find on cliophile and on its partner websites. cliophile was born as a reflection blog about museums problematic, when I was student in Public Engagement in 2010.

{PRESS} A new museum will open

  The institution: “The Broad is a new contemporary art museum being built by philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. The museum, which is designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, will open to the

Destroying Culture

What could be the exact definition of “destroying culture”? I mean, we all have ideas or pictures in mind of the lack of culture (from the “no more culture nowadays!” with a quavering voice or “Culture is in loss in our

{PRESS} Shop at the museum

This website is really an interesting idea: group all the cultural products sold in (worldly famous) Museums shops online, on this website, Shop at the Museum! It could seem obvious but, finally, nobody made it before! For the moment, the website

[Chapter 14] Kashif Nadim Chaudry

Introduction Kashif Nadim Chaudry is a based-Nottingham artist specialised in textiles (thread, fabric) shaping. Born in Nottingham, in a Punjabi origin family and graduating at Goldsmiths College in London, Nadim plays with origins, identities and influences. Your studio is in this

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