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TRUE STORY, no more

New article of the artist Anne Macairet, No more I go to sleep with words that I want to write you, those of a letter open to confidence about every interstices between creative pulsion, true life, projects and so on.

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TRUE STORY, le reflet d’une époque

Je dois admettre que j’ai eu le stress de la page blanche, et tout un processus de problématiques « paraboliques ». Dois-je écrire sur le papier à même le papier le toucher du papier la main sur le papier le

[Chapter 15] Create for following your ideals

Introduction You had the opportunity to discover the creating work of Anne Macairet on cliophile last month. From this meeting is born a new collaboration between Anne and cliophile, occasion now to find every month the creator with a total

A new rubric on cliophile!

This month, not really an edito but a reminder of what you can find on cliophile and on its partner websites. cliophile was born as a reflection blog about museums problematic, when I was student in Public Engagement in 2010.

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