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PoWE! – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Let’s come back to more established musicians after these two big likes that are Emma Bladon Jones and Paul Carbuncle with this great Neo-Zealander band, Fat Freddy’s Drop. Their YouTube channel is quite a good one with different studio versions,

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Who’s first?!

Who’s first?!

Urbanism Jul 27, 2016

Really interesting and edifying article about the impact of the car parking places in a city when there is no urban planning. “Parking Bombs. More! That’s the scream of merchants and others who believe that a downtown without an endless

PoWE! – Paul Carbuncle

I carry on with these two “out of established artists” PoWE! with another artist discovered during a Oxjam Beeston session, Paul Carbuncle. He sings folk-punk sounds and has just an amazing aura on stage! He brings you with him in

PoWE! – Emma Bladon Jones

Here a PoWE! (Playlist of your Week-End!) that searches out of the very well established artists. I discovered Emma Bladon Jones thanks to an Oxjam Beeston concert and I was just bluffed by her presence and her way of singing

Digital Heritage conferences

The Saturday 2nd and Monday 4th July 2016 took place conferences about Digital Heritage and Public Engagement at the University of Nottingham, by the Heritage & the Digital Research Priority Area lab. In short, these days were presenting different projects

Use your roofs!

Here are some pictures from the very interesting The Guardian photo article about uses of buildings roofs in different cities through the word. How interesting! Roof of City Hall, Chicago (USA), “green” roof Photograph: Diane Cook And Len Jenshel/Getty Images/National

PoWE! – Alice Russell

Let’s change of atmosphere and join the strength and impressive voice of Alice Russell! Alice Russell balance au 105 – le 6 juin 2013 by Fipradio

Painted electricity

This can be just one of the best “toys” (and interior/museums designer tool) to play with, amazed your friends (and yourself) and to cleverly solve electric things at home or work: a paint that conducts electricity. Ok, you need to

Make streets yours again

This Indian initiative, The Ugly Indian, started in 2010 and keeping going on. The concept: as you respect only what you like, reappropriate streets by cleaning and making up nice together. “Look at any Indian street, we have pathetic civic


Here is an iPad application that can be a very helpful tool for architects and interior designers. Only one bad point: Shapr3D is only available for the Apple

How works a trumpet?

Did you ever wondered how works a trumpet?

Every noise at once

Every noise at onceis really impressive website: its aim is to map every single kind of music styles that exist. Wow! Impressive! Have fun while browsing!        

The Floating Piers, Christo & Jeanne-Claude

This is the new performance of Christo, “specialist” of the long veil on the public space: artificial floating piers on the Italian Iseo Lake, covered by an orange veil. Really interestingly, these floating links redesign the geographical area by ignoring

The coffee cup chemestry

This video is just a perfect example of how to give access to scientific questions. Even the more complex can be accessible and are actually observable in our daily life. So, in short, a really good video to impress your

Wood but transparent, who’s interesting for?!

It seems that a University of Maryland lab (Department of Material Science and Engineering) found a new process to transform wood in a transparent material. To watch the presentation video, click here An article from the New York Magazine explains: “Using a

PoWE! – Cream

What better than lazying with good music during your week end days?! I open this new rubric “PoWE!” (standing for “Playlist of your Week End”) with “Cream”, considered as the first “super group”, founded by the bassist and singer Jack Bruce,

Bruniquel: the oldest human sculpted cave ever found

A cave found in February 1990 in the South West of France seems to be the theatre of the oldest cave with a human shaped camp. Néandertal à Bruniquel by CNRS “It is from 2013 that a research team, with

TRUE STORY, no more

New article of the artist Anne Macairet, No more I go to sleep with words that I want to write you, those of a letter open to confidence about every interstices between creative pulsion, true life, projects and so on.

Building Hyperdensity and Civic Delight

A text by Vishaan Chakrabarti, about his great battle: new urbanism by hyper-densification. For him, this is the only solution for a better city, more sustainable, better transport and healthier place to live. This extract comes from an article from

Frank Lloyd Wright on Arrogance

“A very interesting way to hear about Frank Lloyd Wright point of view about architecture, modern cities and modern architecture practice! ““Any man who really has faith in himself will be dubbed arrogant by his fellows” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Want community? Build WALKABILITY

Internet serendipity… I must add FACEBOOK serendipity! I discovered this city planning/community life revival turned website, by this article about the necessity to re-think our western ways of transport for a better life environment and community. If the author doesn’t offer

Does art have a social role?

This can seem a silly question: Art having a social role? What’s the relevance of such a question? Is it its role to have “a role”? And social in more! We can also add “why on earth ART does need to

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