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PoWE! – Cesaria Evora

Cesaria Evora is the queen of the “saudade” but not only: you travel with her in another time, in other places and, even if you don’t know Portuguese, you perfectly understand her because Cesaria was able to touch us despite

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.gif found again on geometrippy tumblr


We already talked about the lively Mar Dixon on cliophile, her way of working and her vision of Culture and Public Engagement. Since the 4th January 2016, she is posting on 52Museums, every week, a picture of one Museum in

PoWE! – La Belle Helene

Yes, that can be strange but this week end, I bring you to classical music or, I must say, light opera from the 19th century. Here is one of the best opera from Jacques Offenbach, La Belle Hélène (The Beautiful

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PoWE! – Ben l’Oncle Soul

Here is a true great stage performer (and marvellously surrounded on stage), French but definitely turned toward the black 60’s-70’s Motown style of songs and now jazz-crooners, Ben l’Oncle Soul (Ben, the Soul Oncle). He sings in French and English,

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PoWE! – Céu

You may had notice but I do really like world music! Especially Brazilian one actually. Here is a great singer discovered some years ago now, Céu. She is singer and songwriter and mixes electro and instrument-sounds in her songs, sings

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.gif found on this very good hexeosis tumblr

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.gif by DeLarge Garcia Note: I warmly advise to go on the link because a selected music will accompany it and that makes even more sense! 😉

PoWE! – Queen

What a better excuse to play again and again Queen incredible songs that the 70th birthday that Freddie Mercury would have celebrate this week?! Cover picture: It seems that it was taken in Rotterdam, the 17th May 1977 but didn’t

PoWE! – The Ronettes

If I tell you Veronica Bennett-Ronnie Spector, Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley, you’ll answer..? Answer is one of the most famous group in the 1960’s, the Ronettes. They were incredibly famous and mothers of many Billboard Hot 100 hits and…

PoWE! – Soundtrack

Here is a strange PoWE! this week. I came to watch Love Me like you Do (no no! Not the Fifty Shades of Grey music, the British version of Jackie & Ryan film) that is, well… not the best film

PoWE! – Chucho Valdés

All hail for the monument of the Cuban Music, Chucho Valdés! Over 50 years of activity, tons of awards and even more of projects! Something else to add? Chucho Valdez & Joe Lovano – Exclusive Rehearsal Footage from International Music

PoWE! – Cyrille Aimée

Cyrille Aimée is a jazz singer who has a delicate voice as the one of Stacey Kent. She was shortlisted or won several worldly recognised jazz awards (as the Montreux Jazz Festival Competition, the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition or

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.gif found on geometripy Tumblr

PoWE! – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Let’s come back to more established musicians after these two big likes that are Emma Bladon Jones and Paul Carbuncle with this great Neo-Zealander band, Fat Freddy’s Drop. Their YouTube channel is quite a good one with different studio versions,

GIF my day!

I love .gif. And especially the geometric ones. So, why not share them with you?! .gif found on geometripy Tumblr

PoWE! – Paul Carbuncle

I carry on with these two “out of established artists” PoWE! with another artist discovered during a Oxjam Beeston session, Paul Carbuncle. He sings folk-punk sounds and has just an amazing aura on stage! He brings you with him in

PoWE! – Emma Bladon Jones

Here a PoWE! (Playlist of your Week-End!) that searches out of the very well established artists. I discovered Emma Bladon Jones thanks to an Oxjam Beeston concert and I was just bluffed by her presence and her way of singing

Offline Augmented Reality

The Amsterdam public transports network offers to its passengers the possibility to play, in its trams coaches, with pedestrians. How? By two simple stickers (one on the window, the other in front of you as instructions) which allows you to

PoWE! – Miles Davis

I don’t know what to say about Miles Davis except that he is a god (yes, my personal Pantheon is as crowded as the Greek one) and recognised as such by many artists! Enjoy!

How works a trumpet?

Did you ever wondered how works a trumpet?

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