Gluten free Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate cake. If you are a chocolate lover as me, you already have stars in your eyes and a start of the delicious chocolate taste in your mouth.
Here is a recipe without sugar or fat. WAW!


  • 200gr chocolate bar
  • 115gr prune
  • 100gr almond powder
  • 400gr of cooked black beans (a tin)
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • Mix all these ingredients together until getting an homogeneous dough
  • Cook in the oven at 180*C for 30min
  • EAT!!!

As you see, very simple, very quick!
Note: it’s even better with a splash of thick yogurt (for example Greek style yogurt) or Soya yogurt (I particularly love the Sojade one) or even, let’s be crazy!, a clotted cream, a whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla or coconut ice cream (the Joe Delucci’s coconut ice cream is just amazing…)

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Helene Herniou

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