#MuseumWeek: 24 to 30/03 – Why (and how) Everyone Should Get Involved

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Twitter UK, Italy, Spain and France are coming together this month for #MuseumWeek – a week long event to help encourage museums and potential visitors to use Twitter to share.


Hélène Herniou‘s insight:

“I was a bit worried as the topics chosen are something CultureThemes does on a yearly basis but when I stopped and really thought about it – does it really matter?  AskACurator will still happen on September 17th and MuseumSelfie will happen again in January 2015.  What is important is to hopefully reach more museums that might not be using Twitter or know how to jump into social media to feel comfortable throughout the week taking part. Also to bring more potential visitors/advocates into the mix.  I am really proud that Twitter has seen the potential with the museum sector – Go us! ”

via @Sophie TAN-EHRHARDT

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There are different ways of showing what is #MuseumWeek and how does it work, here are some of them:

#MuseumWeek-Outil d'analyse_C Courtin MuseumWeek_BBC


Helene Herniou

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