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This month, not really an edito but a reminder of what you can find on cliophile and on its partner websites.

cliophile was born as a reflection blog about museums problematic, when I was student in Public Engagement in 2010. Since then, the website has advanced wider, to include juridic questions, “hard science” and performing arts, local actions, technologies adapted to cultural fields and cook recipes, thanks to my installlation in the UK. And, of course, an English version is now available (as you can read now!). The novelty of this month is that cliophile is not any longer a one hand magazine thanks to the arrival of a new rubric: TRUE STORY by Anne Macairet. She accepted the challenge to speak about her art and way of working, allowing an inside look on the art process of an artist. It’s a real great pleasure to welcome her on cliophile, reinfroced its participating dimension as magazine, as though since its beginnings. So if you are also interested to hold a rubric or share some of your articles on cliophile, please, fell free to contact me!

I remind you also that two other websites orbit around cliophile:
VOX, a video plateform for performing artists and lovers who use the public spaces as stage for their works

visicity, a trail participating website, open to everyone who wants to share a journey through a territory (wild or urban), History or share a story localised in public space. Don’t be shy, participate and share!

Helene Herniou

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