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As a first time mother and with my best friend who is teacher for young children, I read about child development, childhood and, of course, Montessori activities. One thing that I really like is the concept of observation tower (or learning tower or helping tower). This furniture allows your curious child standing by you when you’re standing (for example in the kitchen) and letting your hands free! Great for your mobility and great also for your child who can now reach new things (oh boy!).

You’ll find very precise instructions on hacking websites to build your own tower with IKEA items (and other added furnitures) but, I have to say, I am a little bit lazy and wanted to build mine faster but above all, with more protections (regarding of my less-than-one-year-old-daughter). Here is how I did it:


  • KNAGGLIG box, the large one (46 x 31 x 25 cm), £9
  • BEKVÄM step stool, you have the choice between pine, white and black. Choose the one you prefer… or like me, the only one you could found (because, definitely, if IKEA has great storage furnitures, they’re really not the best in storage!), £13 or £14
  • 1 hammer + metal nails

Note: The great thing is that you buy the KNAGGLIG box already apart so, dividing one panel of its planks, you have nothing “heavy” to do, just screwing nails in the good planks! Easy!


  1. Nail the top step of the step stool and one small side of the KNAGGLIG box. Note: think to have the side in the good direction for an easier grip when you’ll move the tower.
  2. Nail the larger sides of the KNAGGLIG box to this above base. Note: nail the wider sides on the smaller side of the KNAGGLIG box but also the smaller side on the wider sides planks to be sure that planks will not move and are well fixed
  3. You have two sides of the KNAGGLIG box left now: the second smaller side and the back of the KNAGGLIG box. You will not need the smaller one but only the back. Here is the *technical* part of this DIY: un-nail the four planks of this back side. Once done, nail them perpendicularly of the two long planks to “close” the tower. Note: I nailed two planks quite low, on the side opposite of the future step, because this side will be against the kitchen furniture. Above the future step, I nailed the planks higher to be sure that the top of my daughter’s back will be holded if she fall. As you can see on the picture, I started to fixe the lower plank at the level of her boot (that’s why it’s not straight) and after the top plank. I plan to move the planks following her growth, that’s why also I nailed at the minimum (but enough to have a furniture enough secured of course!)
  4. Finally, build up the rest of the BEKVÄM step stool

Observation tower by cliophile-Helene Herniou
Observation tower by cliophile - Helene Herniou
Observation tower by cliophile - Helene HerniouObservation tower by cliophile - Helene Herniou Observation tower by cliophile - Helene Herniou
This tower is really stable and my daughter can even sit inside when she is a little bit tired (or just wants).
I kept the full length of the planks because I thought it was nice and can be useful for a decoration (for example for Christmas or other festivities) but, I have to admit, that it is also very convenient to not have to saw!

Note 1: the two small sticks of the back panel can be used by closing the space between the step stool and the KNAGGLIG box.
Note 2: the last panel of the KNAGGLIG box can be used as support for your laptop (especially on soft surfaces)

Helene Herniou

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  1. Miss Poipois

    waouh le coup de la boîte ! j’aime j’aime !! tellement simple !!

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