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Here is a strange PoWE! this week. I came to watch Love Me like you Do (no no! Not the Fifty Shades of Grey music, the British version of Jackie & Ryan film) that is, well… not the best film I watched… *understatement* (even if I have to say that I saw far much worse!). The quality of the landscapes is really nice and picture writing is interesting but the story itself is really not interesting nor new, though a very good performance of Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes.
BUT, the soundtrack is really really good! That’s why, I wanted to share with you this week that soundtrack because, if I am not a huge fan of the country/folk music, this one really took me. Behind these songs, you’ll find Nick Hans, The Stay all Night Rounders, ” target=”_blank”>Fergus Daly,… and Ben Barnes (the lead male actor)!

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Helene Herniou

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