Time of reflection and doubt

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Is the fight only for the winners? Does it worth to fight for ever a still-dead-end or give up is also an acceptble solution for us and by the society? Every searcher (especially the PhD students and, more cruelly, job seakers) knows this feeling: despite so many tested solutions, reversals, overthrows and inversions of our thinking systems, we don’t find a solution to explose this dead-end wall to reach the next level. Not that it is impossible, some lucky guys manage riching levels one after the others (without speaking of those who jump two level in one step… But they often don’t have the same “common” weapons that the rest of the Humanity also…) but just, despite all the help you could ask for, nothing pass.

I already spoke on cliophile about the question of failure and its (lack of) acceptation in the society. In some way, giving up a project or an ideal is a failure. Often for the person itself but exacerbated by the look of the society (who didn’t lie to the famous cocktail question “And… What do you do, you?” to avoid the panicked and judging eyes of your speaker if you honestly anserred “I don’t know, nothing (yet?)”). With NO DOUBT, we learn a lot from our failures and givings up. First about ourselves but also about strategies and possibilities that popped out during the process. But, on the other hand, you can’t always be on the quest of failure or no-future-adventures. Fight is important, especially if you are not the only one in the battlefield! But as positive and action-fan you can be, these fights loose their spicy interests when you’re receiving only smaks.

Litterature and perfoming artists are often a great source of inspiration and, sometimes, solutions to our troubles but that need a second layer of reflection, philosophy, mediation to adapt these solutions to our lives and objectives. As always, Culture can hold a great place in our lives but is nothing without its actors!

Helene Herniou

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