Wood but transparent, who’s interesting for?!

Architecture , Sciences Jun 03, 2016 No Comments

Press review logoIt seems that a University of Maryland lab (Department of Material Science and Engineering) found a new process to transform wood in a transparent material.

Transparent Wood_Liangbing Hu_2

To watch the presentation video, click here

Transparent Wood_Liangbing Hu_5 Transparent Wood_Liangbing Hu_3

An article from the New York Magazine explains:

“Using a two-step process, researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park, stripped away the plank’s tan and brown color and made it clear. The see-through wood, which the scientists say is stronger and a better insulator than glass, and more biodegradable than plastic, could one day be used in windows, tables and other building supplies. […] One appealing quality of transparent wood, according to Dr. Hu, is the series of natural channels that run throughout it, remnants from when it was a living tree. The structures, which once pumped water and ions, now direct light along their canals.. Glass and plastic typically do not have passageways like these.”

Transparent Wood_Liangbing Hu

Transparent Wood_Liangbing Hu_4

No doubt that industries can quickly be interested to transform these experimentations in a lucrative final product. Eager to see what uses could be found, especially in architecture and Hi-Tech products!

Helene Herniou

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