VOX was presenting artists who use the street as an exploration and performance place

On this website, you are finding performances filmed on the street and public areas, information posts on artists and cultural structures (as venues, theatres, artistic residencies areas, …). voxonline.eu was a website to share videos, audio tapes and pics that present your works of art. So, share them!

Valorisation of the cultural diversity
Open, VOX mixes all cultures and all kinds of performing arts (circus and street art, dance, music, performing and theatre). VOX promotes local scenes, full of talent and variety, through a strong editorial lead. Moreover, VOX offered visibility to local authorities by the revelation of their artists who have a real capacity but are still unknown by a large audience.

Revitalise the access to Culture through digital tools
Thanks to internet and the new media, we can cross borders and time and allow access for everybody and at all time to the website resources, and, like this, allow their appropriation, sharing and exchange.

A new way of areas discoveries
VOX brought a new eye on the territory and was interested by the artist and the city. Each place that plays a role in the day-by-day life of the inhabitants of a location (shops, streets, …) becomes, for a short time, the artists stage, for a unique cultural adventure film.

Interactive map as guide
The map is our link to the reality of the areas. Geolocated artists and shows make up the map; the internet user plays with these points and designs her/his own journey through arts and locations, just for a virtual walk or to prepare her/his physical trip. This is this strong relationship between artist and her/his home territory that designs the subjectivity of the territory discovery.

Artists were in the core action of VOX, which mixes all performing disciplines: circus and street art, dance, music, performance and theatre. It does not matter if the artist is famous or less known, professional or amateur; the point was her/his capacity to play with the locations thanks to her/his art.

What and how?
The artist chooses the location and what she/he wants to perform; the more the location is unusual, the more the film is impressive (bakery, swimming pool, metro/subway/underground/tube, street, no man’s land, docks of a river, …). Alone or with wanderers, the artist is free of the form and the performing as long as she/he plays with the area. After, post a link to your film thanks to your account!  → See how to participate!


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About me
VOX website was born when the project was selected by the City of Paris for their call about the “ Strategic and creative reflection about the metropolization of Paris by digital” in 2010. At the beginning and thanks to our partner at this period, the audiovisual production company KIDAM, the project was thought as a webdocumentary. Then, the project has been growing to a more active and participatory solution for artists and amateurs.

When this project was born, it was called MET’ in live and we were five students who answered to this call for projects from the Parisian City Hall. Then my colleagues wished to continue their careers and own paths; in the meantime, MET’ in live became VOX and there am I to carry on this project that, I hope, you’ll enjoy as much as it motivates me!
Cheers! Hélène HERNIOU

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