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You are art enthusiasts or artists (amateur or professional) and you want share performing videos?

VOX is made for you!

→ art enthusiasts and amateurs
→ artists from all performing arts disciplines: street art and circus, dance, music, performance and theatre
→ cultural structures that want introduce artists or a group

What and how?
→ films have to be filmed in the city that you belongs (by your work or your inhabitation or also by your heart); the performing can stand everywhere you want (bakery, on the street, in the underground, …), alone or with other people. The only one condition is to show a work of art marked by its location.
→ what: the artist choices freely the best relevant form from her/his repertory
→ time: video is between 1min to 13min long
→ where: you have to fill the following form. Please note that your video has to be hosted before on an internet platform (as YouTube or vimeo) and embeded thanks to proper field in the form.


Participate you too and create your account!

You keep all your rights on your work when you upload one or more movie(s) on We do not commercialize your data neither your creation. VOX is first of all a showroom for you. If we change some elements on your texts it will be only to aim the best valorisation of your work or the institution. VOX is a free service and, if the content is original, it belongs to its creator.

-When you publish your text/information on the website, you accept the publication terms on a public website: no offensive, libellous, racist, discriminatory, pornographic or sexual content. You also promise to respect copyright (not use a music or images under copyright law that you don’t get).

-Before each new publication on the website, we reserve the right to accept or refuse a submission, if it follows or not the website policy. For each decision we will send you an email.

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