WebTeam Leader | MuseomixUK


I was WebTeam Leader for the 2013 British edition of Museomix. Museomix is an international event that takes place, once a year, in one or more museum(s). The aim of the event is to re-think the museography of the institution by inviting volunteers “hacking”, for 3 days, some parts of the collections.

During the first British edition of Museomix, in 2013, I work under the command of Mar Dixon, as Web Team Leader.

  • Conceived and achieved of the (social) media strategy
  • Designed and set up the relevant communication for the British edition (before-during-after)
  • Coordinated the Museomix’s members and Museomixers (on local and global level)
  • Analysed of our web presence (website and different social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud, FlickR)
  • Community Managing
  • Worked in English

Here is a document summarising what were my tasks during these three days events and all the preparation and post-work after it: Social networks numbers