Co-Founder & Project Executive | Nova Heritage


I worked for 7 months on a great project as a Project Executive and Second in a team of 2 people.

The project consisted to build an agency able to be up to the challenges of the endangered heritage by enhancing the local populations lives and engaging them as active part of the Heritage revival.

My work was very polyvalent:

  • Co-create the Company
  • Research and Analyse of the actuality of the fields, feasability
  • Manage the online communication (Social Media andcustomer relation)
  • Co-set up a 2-day event (agenda, scientific content, writing, presentation, negociation)
  • Research and set up technical solutions
  • Work was in English but also in French and in Spanish.

My involvment stopped earlier than previously planned but I could achieve, in only 7 months, quite a fair amount of work to allow the company to take off as soon as its director would be ready to.


Some examples of my work: website creation, communication presentation and graphic design

Extract of webiste

















Extract of the project presentation



Examples of graphic design for a multi-national school programme









Name and logo of Nova Heritage