Tolerance. Just because you’re Human

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This speech from the Norwegian King, Harald V, was said two months ago, the 1st September, in front of 1500 guests at the royal garden party. I know, this is not a “fresh” news but I thought, as this video was quite viral on internet, maybe it is not useful to add my post in the mass but better was to publish it a little bit later, as a reminder that these principles are not “exciting news” but the best message of tolerance, solidarity and humanity that we can formulate. This message is also important because the current Norwegian government is “struggling” with these principles.

The below extract video is less than a minute and is as simple as inspiring! (and, bonus, you can hear, maybe for the first time if you are not a huge fan of heavy metal music, Norwegian… ;p)

Video watched on The Independant.

And, if you want to watch the full (less than) 5 minutes speech:

Helene Herniou

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