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Apple-Sweet potato Brie gratin

Yep, I’m carrying on with my wintery recipes! Today, a sweet-savoury recipe really really REALLY easy! Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes, chopped 2 apples, chopped 1 brie cheese Pre-Cook the sweet potatoes Put in an oven-proof container the potatoes, the apples

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Gluten Free Onion Tart

Yes, I know, that doesn’t seem really sexy like this “onion tart”… And worse when that comes from a Frenchie like me but, actually (and even more with this wintery Autumn), it’s really really yummy! … And gluten free for

Gluten free Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake. If you are a chocolate lover as me, you already have stars in your eyes and a start of the delicious chocolate taste in your mouth. Here is a recipe without sugar or fat. WAW! Ingredients: 200gr chocolate

Use your roofs!

Here are some pictures from the very interesting The Guardian photo article about uses of buildings roofs in different cities through the word. How interesting! Roof of City Hall, Chicago (USA), “green” roof Photograph: Diane Cook And Len Jenshel/Getty Images/National

The Floating Piers, Christo & Jeanne-Claude

This is the new performance of Christo, “specialist” of the long veil on the public space: artificial floating piers on the Italian Iseo Lake, covered by an orange veil. Really interestingly, these floating links redesign the geographical area by ignoring

The coffee cup chemestry

This video is just a perfect example of how to give access to scientific questions. Even the more complex can be accessible and are actually observable in our daily life. So, in short, a really good video to impress your

{PRESS} Shop at the museum

This website is really an interesting idea: group all the cultural products sold in (worldly famous) Museums shops online, on this website, Shop at the Museum! It could seem obvious but, finally, nobody made it before! For the moment, the website

Pancakes day yes… but with crêpes!

It’s pancakes day! I am sure, you already saw a lot of different recipes, from the pink pancakes to the fluffy American ones. If you British people are celebrating Pancakes day the 17th February, in France, we celebrated it the 2nd

Burns supper

This Sunday 25th of January night, many Scottish (from far or near) and other gourmets will celebrate Robert Burns, his poems and Haggis! What could linked Haggis and Burns? (except that both are Scottish of course) Well, Robert Burns actually

Kings almond pie

Epiphany is coming! Dates may vary through Europe (first Sunday of January for French people or the 6th of January for some Mediterranean countries) Why do I speak about these dates? Well, first because some European inhabitants who celebrate Christmas

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