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Apple-Sweet potato Brie gratin

Yep, I’m carrying on with my wintery recipes! Today, a sweet-savoury recipe really really REALLY easy! Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes, chopped 2 apples, chopped 1 brie cheese Pre-Cook the sweet potatoes Put in an oven-proof container the potatoes, the apples

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Gluten Free Onion Tart

Yes, I know, that doesn’t seem really sexy like this “onion tart”… And worse when that comes from a Frenchie like me but, actually (and even more with this wintery Autumn), it’s really really yummy! … And gluten free for

Gluten free Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake. If you are a chocolate lover as me, you already have stars in your eyes and a start of the delicious chocolate taste in your mouth. Here is a recipe without sugar or fat. WAW! Ingredients: 200gr chocolate

Observation tower

As a first time mother and with my best friend who is teacher for young children, I read about child development, childhood and, of course, Montessori activities. One thing that I really like is the concept of observation tower (or

Pop-up the stories!

Robert Sabuda is an American children illustrator and an amazing pop-up books designer! Here are some of his works: Alice’s adventures in Wonderland The Wonderful Wizard of Oz You can find his books on his Amazon page

Evolution stackĀ rings

You all know this toy, the stack rings, with its plastic or wood rings. More it’s colourful, better it is. But, if we are thinking that the first step for the toddler is to be able to deal with this

Offline Augmented Reality

The Amsterdam public transports network offers to its passengers the possibility to play, in its trams coaches, with pedestrians. How? By two simple stickers (one on the window, the other in front of you as instructions) which allows you to

Illustrated parenting

We can see more and more illustrated blogs and social accounts about … well, everything actually! But here I wish to share those about parenting. I’m sure you already know Liz Climo, mother of Rory the Dinosaur and his Dad.

Sensory bottles

Ultra classic for toddlers development, really easy and  can be very cheap to do, sensory bottles seem to be a must when you’re starting your new “job” of parenting! So, I started as my little is just fascinated by every

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