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PoWE! – James Brown

James Brown it’s a music (even if we’d rather talk about musicS), a voice, dance steps, a style, an incredible energy, a sharp sense of theatralisation, funky stage costumes (and hair dressings…), … but it’s before everything a fu*nky good

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PoWE! – Madeleine Peyroux

I don’t know if you already have the great chance to hear this magic voice and presence that is Madeleine Peyroux but if not, just run to her on her next tour! And if you want a little bit for

PoWE! – Brian Protheroe

I have to say that I discovered this singer… by a BBC adaptation of the Elizabeth Gaskell North and South. Actor, singer and songwriter, the Brian Protheroe songs pleased me very much since the first time and I wanted to

PoWE! – Cesaria Evora

Cesaria Evora is the queen of the “saudade” but not only: you travel with her in another time, in other places and, even if you don’t know Portuguese, you perfectly understand her because Cesaria was able to touch us despite


We already talked about the lively Mar Dixon on cliophile, her way of working and her vision of Culture and Public Engagement. Since the 4th January 2016, she is posting on 52Museums, every week, a picture of one Museum in

Blue Economy
PoWE! – Céu

You may had notice but I do really like world music! Especially Brazilian one actually. Here is a great singer discovered some years ago now, Céu. She is singer and songwriter and mixes electro and instrument-sounds in her songs, sings


Here we are, again, with Idriss Aberkane but this time with a conference about the biomimicry. The idea is to use nature (animal and plants) as inspiring techniques for our own (and sustainable) usage. Biomimicry: finding inspiration in nature to…

PoWE! – Queen

What a better excuse to play again and again Queen incredible songs that the 70th birthday that Freddie Mercury would have celebrate this week?! Cover picture: It seems that it was taken in Rotterdam, the 17th May 1977 but didn’t

Freddies’s his own plaque

This 5th September, Freddie Mercury would have celebrated his 70th birthday. To mark this day, English Heritage launches this video showing the creation of its famous blue plaques, these ceramic circles that you can find on the walls of some

Knowledge Economy

Here is a very interesting (and not boring explanation!) of the knowledge Economy by Idriss Aberkane. He is present among the most famous universities in the world but works also for “civil” companies and on his own projects. But, if

Transforming the city

Here is a really interesting bunch of transforming in the city and as city, collected by Francesca Perry for The Guardian. To give you the taste of her article, here are her illustrated examples: 1. Pokémon Go phenomenon “In ArchDaily,

Use your roofs!

Here are some pictures from the very interesting The Guardian photo article about uses of buildings roofs in different cities through the word. How interesting! Roof of City Hall, Chicago (USA), “green” roof Photograph: Diane Cook And Len Jenshel/Getty Images/National

PoWE! – Alice Russell

Let’s change of atmosphere and join the strength and impressive voice of Alice Russell! Alice Russell balance au 105 – le 6 juin 2013 by Fipradio

Painted electricity

This can be just one of the best “toys” (and interior/museums designer tool) to play with, amazed your friends (and yourself) and to cleverly solve electric things at home or work: a paint that conducts electricity. Ok, you need to

PoWE! – Miles Davis

I don’t know what to say about Miles Davis except that he is a god (yes, my personal Pantheon is as crowded as the Greek one) and recognised as such by many artists! Enjoy!

Every noise at once

Every noise at onceis really impressive website: its aim is to map every single kind of music styles that exist. Wow! Impressive! Have fun while browsing!        

PoWE! – Mulatu Astatke

Mulatu Astatke is “the” Ethiopian musian who mixed jazz, Latin music and Ethipian traditionals. He is known as the creator of the “Ethio-jazz”.

PoWE! – Maria Bethânia

PoWE! plays for you this week end Maria Bethânia. This marvelous great Brazilian singer started her career in the 1960’s and mixes poetry, protestation and daily life in her songs. She is also the sister of Caetano Veloso and knows

Illustrated parenting

We can see more and more illustrated blogs and social accounts about … well, everything actually! But here I wish to share those about parenting. I’m sure you already know Liz Climo, mother of Rory the Dinosaur and his Dad.

PoWE! – Ella Fitzgerald

New week end, new episode for this new rubric, PoWE! – Playlist of your Week End!, with the marvellous, the genius, the glamourous, the incredible, the chief goddess of my personal pantheon: Ella Fitzgerald. But don’t lose time with presentations, just

PoWE! – Cream

What better than lazying with good music during your week end days?! I open this new rubric “PoWE!” (standing for “Playlist of your Week End”) with “Cream”, considered as the first “super group”, founded by the bassist and singer Jack Bruce,

Reminding basics

This interview is only in French but this old lady here is quite famous in France since the November 2015 Paris attacks. Why? Only because she said what is supposed to be in the hearts and brains of everyone: solidarity,

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