Amsterdam in 3 days

Summary of the trail:
Amsterdam is worldly known for its canals, its bikers (the ones who ride a bicycle… but that doesn’t do a real different regarding to their driven!), its paintings (and Rembrandt’s ones), Anne Frank, its Red light District and… its coffee shops! Be clear, you will not find here a guide of the best coffee shops available in town. Many guides still exist and if you have any doubt of your capacity to find one “coffee shop” which sell not the beverage but hemp, don’t be afraid, eyes but above all your smell will find them without any margin of error…
No, I suggest you here my 2 days experience of the Dutch capital, based on visit, food, wandering, discoveries and food!
Note: the core city of Amsterdam is really easy for pedestrians! (everything is accessible in 30min max)

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Your name as author of the trail: Hélène Herniou – visicity


Reaching the capital
Day 2

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