visicity was a participative and contributive website where everyone could find touristic and recreative trails!

Shared spaces are not only made of airflows, they are built by History and shaped by stories. We all have stories to tell and share about surrounding places and discovered areas.
Territories that we walk are made by History and (true or false) stories. Come share with all of us on the visicity website your discoveries and stories as trails about cities, museums, public places, forest or a wildlife park!

Everyone who wants to share a story! You have a discovery to share or you love your neighbourhood? visicity is your free place!  → See how to share your trails

About the project
Visicity project was born through four master CEN in Paris VIII university students imagination: Baptiste Gimonnet, Hachem Thabet, Raphaël Velt and Esteban Villate. Visicity was at this time a mobile application, awarded by two first categories prices among them the best “tourism and culture application ,” in the Géoportail competition by IGN (the French equivalent of the Ordnance Survey).
When I met them, I found their project also interesting that close of my own projects and curiosity.
Then came the time of the end of studies, first jobs, new projects, … and the Visicity founders let me continue the project, construe with new aspects until visicity becomes this current website! This website is thought and made for you! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying to work on it!
visicity is a product developed by Hélène Herniou for fabrica nova.

 Original contents of this website are protected by the Creative Commons BY NC SA licence (Attribution + Non commercial use + Share alike).

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