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Rambling trip in Skye

Summary of the trail:
Skye is an extraordinary island. During our 3 days spent there, we were really amazed by Skye: its people, its breathtaking landscapes, its Highland games (just excellent) and its good whisky too! Note that it is quite easy, during the season, to visit the island and ramble without a car. It only requires planning: sleep in Portree, wake up early (but as usual for walkers) and be careful with the bus timetable! This following trail is not enough precise to take it as a guide while walking. The idea is definitely to help you to see what could be interesting to see and where to walk from our experience.

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Your name as author of the trail: Hélène Herniou – visicity


Reaching the island
The Storr and the Quiraing
The Talisker Bay
Drive out of Skye