Assistant & Trainee | Cultural Heritage & Museum institutions

During my studies, I had the opportunity to work in 3 different big public institutions to assist with specific researches two curators and one head Conservation architect:
  • Château de Fontainebleau (France)
    • I assisted as a trainee Vincent Droguet, then one of the main curators of the castle museum, as a trainee for iconographic researches, translation and mediation. Internship of 3 months

I assisted Guillaume Fonkenell, then curator charged of the History of the Louvre Palace. Internship of 3 months.

    • Topographic and historic research in the French National Archive and on the Library of the Museum of Louvre about the -now destroyed- Tuileries palace (in front of the actual Museum of Louvre). This research was used as secondary research leading to a monographical book publication
    • I sorted and recorded archaeological items in the collections of the History of the Louvre department



I was the Administrative Assistant for the Architect and Curator of the Historical Monuments, Pierre-André Lablaude. My contract was for 4 months. During this time,

    • I researched historical and iconographic documentation for restoration sites and teaching conferences
    • I conveyed administrative tasks for heritage buildings and restoration sites