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PoWE! – Clap of end

If we are thinking back about 2016, we can say that it was quite a year… of singers and composers lost! Incredible the party that might stand up-there… So, why not hearing the best/most famous songs of those who passed

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GIF my day!

No, it’s not only an obsession with this .gif tumblr, I really like her work and experiments! -> Making Things

GIF my day!

.gif found on Little Sketches tumblr and OpenProcessing

PoWE! – Oum

Oum is a Marrocan singer, composer and songwriter. She mixes Jazz music with Middle East influences like hassani or sufi music. Her voice is very particular and is a good balance of strength and sweetness. If you don’t know her,

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YEP! This is the perfect wintery .gif from this great

PoWE! – Rubén González

Rubén González was an immense Cuban pianist, with a huge impact on the music of/on the island but also in the region, and away! He played with the greatest Cuban artists and participated at the Buena Vista Social Club or

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Yes, charlie.deck.bigblueboo is a very interesting .gif tumblr!

PoWE! – Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar is a huge Indian sitar player and composer. She started her career in 1995 and since then released many studio and lives albums and won many awards. She is also the daughter of Ravi Shankar (and the half-sister

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.gif found on this very interesting charlie.deck.bigblueboo tumblr!

DYI Christmas tree

Here we are: for those you like and feel concerned, advent time has started this last weekend! Hello decorations, cooking and… Advent calendar and Christmas tree! Well, if you don’t have the space, the money, have young children or simply

PoWE! – Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Periné is a Colombian group who is mixing Gypsy Jazz, Pop and Swing. Founded in 2007, they are now four. If you don’t know, good time to discover great artists! Find out more here: Their website YouTube channels: the

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.gif found, again, on this very nice Making Things tumblr!

PoWE! – Dee Dee Bridgewater

Come back to Jazz Music with one of the greatest Jazz singers, Dee Dee Bridgewater! What to say about this incredible artist except hearing her marvellous voice, enjoying her generosity in her music and on stage? Since her beginnings, in

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PoWE! – Seu Jorge

I think that Seu Jorge was the first Brazilian artist that I discovered “by myself”. Everything started with internet, of course, and since then, I just loved his voice, his universe so much that I am like her (polite and

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.gif found on Light Processes tumblr

Apple-Sweet potato Brie gratin

Yep, I’m carrying on with my wintery recipes! Today, a sweet-savoury recipe really really REALLY easy! Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes, chopped 2 apples, chopped 1 brie cheese Pre-Cook the sweet potatoes Put in an oven-proof container the potatoes, the apples

PoWE! – Maïa Vidal

Caution! This artist is the essence of melting pot and multiculturalism! By her origins, her places of living and her interests for instruments,

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Another .gif from geometrippy tumblr

Tolerance. Just because you’re Human

This speech from the Norwegian King, Harald V, was said two months ago, the 1st September, in front of 1500 guests at the royal garden party. I know, this is not a “fresh” news but I thought, as this video

PoWE! – James Brown

James Brown it’s a music (even if we’d rather talk about musicS), a voice, dance steps, a style, an incredible energy, a sharp sense of theatralisation, funky stage costumes (and hair dressings…), … but it’s before everything a fu*nky good

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.gif found again on this nice Making Things tumblr

PoWE! – Madeleine Peyroux

I don’t know if you already have the great chance to hear this magic voice and presence that is Madeleine Peyroux but if not, just run to her on her next tour! And if you want a little bit for