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Tolerance. Just because you’re Human

This speech from the Norwegian King, Harald V, was said two months ago, the 1st September, in front of 1500 guests at the royal garden party. I know, this is not a “fresh” news but I thought, as this video

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We already talked about the lively Mar Dixon on cliophile, her way of working and her vision of Culture and Public Engagement. Since the 4th January 2016, she is posting on 52Museums, every week, a picture of one Museum in

Blue Economy

Here we are, again, with Idriss Aberkane but this time with a conference about the biomimicry. The idea is to use nature (animal and plants) as inspiring techniques for our own (and sustainable) usage. Biomimicry: finding inspiration in nature to…

Knowledge Economy

Here is a very interesting (and not boring explanation!) of the knowledge Economy by Idriss Aberkane. He is present among the most famous universities in the world but works also for “civil” companies and on his own projects. But, if

Aleppo before/after

We all know that Syria is facing a terrible war since March 2011. Yes, guys, 5 years of “civil” war and still going on… But Syrian refugees don’t do any effort to go back to their country (or what still

Be human

Homeless people are not lazy-under-drugs-violent guys who think better to live on the humide, cold and unfriendly streets than under a warm and cosy roof! (shame on you so much Nottingham council! ERK!) Yes, of course, everyone knows that… or

I Am Beeston

Fortunately, this is not a new hashtag for our Facebook or Twitter accounts after another horrible (terrorist) attack. This is a very nice campaign that is going on in my home town: “I am Beeston” Very simply, The Beestonian Facebook

The Maze help job seekers in co-working spaces

This article is in French but here is a summary of the excellent idea and job offers by The Maze association. The Maze is a Parisian association which aims to help job seekers to be in a positive and active

PoWE! – Emma Bladon Jones

Here a PoWE! (Playlist of your Week-End!) that searches out of the very well established artists. I discovered Emma Bladon Jones thanks to an Oxjam Beeston concert and I was just bluffed by her presence and her way of singing

Make streets yours again

This Indian initiative, The Ugly Indian, started in 2010 and keeping going on. The concept: as you respect only what you like, reappropriate streets by cleaning and making up nice together. “Look at any Indian street, we have pathetic civic

Reminding basics

This interview is only in French but this old lady here is quite famous in France since the November 2015 Paris attacks. Why? Only because she said what is supposed to be in the hearts and brains of everyone: solidarity,

Nuit Debout

What is it? A movement. A citizen movement that started the 31st March (and still going on) after a suggestion made at a debate evening the 23rd February around the Merci Patron ! (Thank you boss!) film. A revolt. The

Want community? Build WALKABILITY

Internet serendipity… I must add FACEBOOK serendipity! I discovered this city planning/community life revival turned website, by this article about the necessity to re-think our western ways of transport for a better life environment and community. If the author doesn’t offer

[Chapter 16] In charge of cultural web-mobile for a region, active member of a participation network and blogger; what else? {DE}

Introduction This month, I introduce you Tanja Praske, the lively scientific collaborator in the Bavarian Castles Direction. Polyglot and open, the over-active Tanja is a key person in the German museogeeks group but furthermore to understand how involve visitors and

[Chapter 14] Kashif Nadim Chaudry

Introduction Kashif Nadim Chaudry is a based-Nottingham artist specialised in textiles (thread, fabric) shaping. Born in Nottingham, in a Punjabi origin family and graduating at Goldsmiths College in London, Nadim plays with origins, identities and influences. Your studio is in this

Language: English Title: artplayer About: “A showcase for the arts. artplayer is a video platform aimed at showcasing the best video content from the UK arts industry. As well as a website, artplayer offers mobile access and apps, exclusive editorial content, access to

[Chapter 13] Behind the voice

Introduction We live in a world of image but also of sound. TV, radio, work presentation, films,… all these media use the voice as support of message or object itself of the medium. If we are used to hear voices,