Communication Assistant | CAUE 94


I was the Assistant of the Head of the Communication of the Public entity for advising public structures, Local area professionals and individuals about architecture, town planning and sustainable Development items.

During my 5-month contract, I could:

  • Designed, coordinated and operated the new marketing tools, visual identity and strategy, call for tenders
  • Counseled the director of Communication for online Public relations (individuals, local area professionals and city hall professionals), conveyed the advocated plans
  • Documented the communication and marketing former actions and plans to be implemented

Here are some of the elements I worked on:

Orchestrated the call for tenders for the new logo and visual identity


I created and fed the first months of the Facebook Page

I participated to the campaigns of the “Promenades urbaines” and “Rendez-vous aux jardins” 2011-2012 cycles


The CAUE 94 stands for “Conseil d’Architecture, d’Urbanisme et de l’Environnement du Val-de-Marne”.