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[Chapter 13] Behind the voice

Introduction We live in a world of image but also of sound. TV, radio, work presentation, films,… all these media use the voice as support of message or object itself of the medium. If we are used to hear voices,

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Future for religious heritage

What Gather news on projects, campaigns and events from across Europe on our website and in the monthly newsletter. Provide resources with case-studies, relevant literature, research and policy documents on our website. Support and develop transnational exchange projects. Arrange a

The Royal Standard

Language: English Title: The Royal Standard About: “The Royal Standard is an artist-led gallery, studios and social workspace in Liverpool Through a dynamic and challenging gallery programme that brings together local, national and international artists, we aim to showcase the most exciting,

Biennial Foundation

Language: English Title: Biennial Foundation About: “Biennial Foundation is an independent non-profit arts organization that was founded in 2009 to stimulate a spirit of solidarity among contemporary art biennials worldwide, and to facilitate a diversity of platforms for the exchange of knowledge,

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