Future for religious heritage

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future for religious heritage


  • Gather news on projects, campaigns and events from across Europe on our website and in the monthly newsletter.
  • Provide resources with case-studies, relevant literature, research and policy documents on our website.
  • Support and develop transnational exchange projects.
  • Arrange a regular conference.
  • Promote and support new regional and national organisations for the protection of religious heritage.


This project rules with a council (founders of Future for religious heritage), a dedicated team and volunteers. Furthermore, Future for religious heritage counts members, all protection and promotion of religious heritage organisations from all through the world.

Why this project?

This structure is promoting the religious heritage promoting work through the world by helping, advising, promoting local and trans-national projects and the updating of knowledge (watch and conferences). Future for religious heritage works now on the project ALTERheritage focus on increasing the capacity of vocational learning targeted at practicing specialists involved in conserving, managing and regenerating religious heritage, benefiting from international and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and resources.

Follow them: FRH_europe

Helene Herniou

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