Press review logoHere are some pictures from the very interesting The Guardian photo article about uses of buildings roofs in different cities through the word. How interesting!


Roof of City Hall, Chicago (USA), “green” roof
Photograph: Diane Cook And Len Jenshel/Getty Images/National Geographic Creative


Roofs_NairobiRoof of the Garden City Mall, Nairobi, (Kenya), car park & 3,300 solar panels
Photograph: Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images


Roofs_ParisRoof of the Beaugrenelle shopping centre, Paris (France), Beehives
Photograph: Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty Images


Roofs_HengyangRoof of a shopping centre, Hengyang (China), 25 houses
Photograph: Imaginechina/Rex/Shutterstock


Roofs_TokyoRoof of the Shibuya Hikarie skyscraper and shopping mall, Tokyo (Japan), football field
Photograph: Sandro Bisaro/Getty Images


Roofs_JinhuaRoof of a shopping centre, Jinhua, (China), football pitch
Photograph: Imaginechina/Rex/Shutterstock


Roofs_TaizhouRoof of a school, Taizhou, (China), 200-metre running track
Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock


Roofs_OsakaRoofs at the Morinomiya Q’s Mall Base shopping complex, Osaka (Japan), a 300-metre astroturf track (across multiple roofs)
Photograph: The Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images


Roofs_MelbourneRoof of the Curtin Cinema, Melbourne (Australia), open-air cinema
Photograph: The AGE/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Helene Herniou

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