Sensory bottles

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Ultra classic for toddlers development, really easy and  can be very cheap to do, sensory bottles seem to be a must when you’re starting your new “job” of parenting!


So, I started as my little is just fascinated by every kind of bottle and jar! I picked ideas from some websites (tape “sensory bottles” and you’ll find zillion of websites about!) but without following precisely one “recipe”. Well, of course imagination is key (as what you have in your cupboards!) but good to know that:
-if you do coloured water/oil bottle, better to use a clear colour because, too dark, that will not be very appealing for your toddler
-you can close your bottles with loctite in the cap (then take time to dry; think that the glue can leak so don’t use too much as your baby will certainly put the lid in her/his mouth)

Helene Herniou

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