Long life to the new born: cliophile in English!

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What is cliophile Magazine? Since three years, I’ve written on, share and suggest best practices in the Public Engagement and interpretation for the GLAM. But all my articles were only in French; time is coming to change! I have translated myself (with the more than precious help of Raphaël Velt) all the articles that I have considered as still interesting and also for non French readers and open more broadly my cultural quests. I hope you will enjoy my old articles and above all my new articles!

What do you will find on this blog? First of all, different categories of articles: Arts, Public Engagement, Technology, People and place and, what I called “Coffee break“.
The first two categories are focused on fine arts and museums/galleries, heritage objects and institutions, venues and performing artists and science. You find also all articles I found interested on my Scoop-it! watch account.
“Tech” category is understood such as grouping of articles about gadgets, new uses, tools of Public engagement or interpretation or also as material in the Fab Lab and other Do It Yourself activities.
As I am interesting about pop culture, the treatment of the public area and spaces, I decided to let them appear in this new version of cliophile magazine, in the “People and place” category. You’ll find also interviews and spotlight on projects that could certainly not start without a “You bet Babe!”.
Finally, Culture is everywhere and what better than a coffee/tea/hot chocolate/lemonade break to observe and enjoy these moments? This last category is in link with the tumblr account of cliophile.

Finally, this section, the editorial, where I publish, each month, a short text about the cultural debates, opinions or… disagreement!

I hope that you will find in this magazine interesting information and reflections, and a new window opens to the world.  This magazine is also a place of discussion so don’t hesitate to let your ideas or comments!

Helene Herniou

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