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Does art have a social role?

This can seem a silly question: Art having a social role? What’s the relevance of such a question? Is it its role to have “a role”? And social in more! We can also add “why on earth ART does need to

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Happy New Year!

I wish you an inspiring, full of good surprises, open mind and discovers of the others and their cultures. I sincerely hope that 2016 will be more human and more peaceful but for this, we need also to take an

At least a real vision of the (21st century) museum!

This month, I wish sharing with you the vision of the director of National Museums Liverpool, Dr David Fleming OBE. Indeed, this month, on the MOOC pateform “Future Learn”, is starting a MOOC in cooperatin with the University of Leicester and

Time of reflection and doubt

Is the fight only for the winners? Does it worth to fight for ever a still-dead-end or give up is also an acceptble solution for us and by the society? Every searcher (especially the PhD students and, more cruelly, job

Destroying Culture

What could be the exact definition of “destroying culture”? I mean, we all have ideas or pictures in mind of the lack of culture (from the “no more culture nowadays!” with a quavering voice or “Culture is in loss in our

To free or not to free, there is no question!

This Wednesday 7th January 2015, 2 gunmen thought they were over the laws, over everyone, over the diversity of opinions; they’ve thought they were enough legitimate to impose their understanding of the world as the only one, they’ve decided they

Go ahead

It’s a little bit cliché to sum the spent year up but this exercise has the great advantage to learn lessons. I don’t claim to be more wise than other Cultural professionals but my experience and my reflections taught me

To work or not to work (in Culture), that is my question

Here we are in September and, lucky we, it is the second “start of the year” (scholar year… even if we are no more in scholar system, it’s appear that September still stays an important month of starts). This period

Work for free?

I am a happy Master graduate in Digital cultural interpretation and Public Engagement… since June 2011! Since? Nothing! Well no, I had the great fortune to find a short term contract as communication assistant in a local structure. No other

Long life to the new born: cliophile in English!

What is cliophile Magazine? Since three years, I’ve written on, share and suggest best practices in the Public Engagement and interpretation for the GLAM. But all my articles were only in French; time is coming to change! I have translated myself

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