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Apple-Sweet potato Brie gratin

Yep, I’m carrying on with my wintery recipes! Today, a sweet-savoury recipe really really REALLY easy! Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes, chopped 2 apples, chopped 1 brie cheese Pre-Cook the sweet potatoes Put in an oven-proof container the potatoes, the apples

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Gluten Free Onion Tart

Yes, I know, that doesn’t seem really sexy like this “onion tart”… And worse when that comes from a Frenchie like me but, actually (and even more with this wintery Autumn), it’s really really yummy! … And gluten free for

Gluten free Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake. If you are a chocolate lover as me, you already have stars in your eyes and a start of the delicious chocolate taste in your mouth. Here is a recipe without sugar or fat. WAW! Ingredients: 200gr chocolate

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