Evolution stack rings

Parenthood Jul 13, 2016 No Comments

You all know this toy, the stack rings, with its plastic or wood rings. More it’s colourful, better it is.

But, if we are thinking that the first step for the toddler is to be able to deal with this stick and this ring, what ever if the larger ring comes after the medium one but before the small ring. That’s why, in the Montessori’s world, they advice to start with same size rings but enough large to allow the toddler to concentrate on the gesture more than the precision.

You can so use wood rings and/or metal rings (the difference of textures, weight and surface feeling (the warmth of the wood against the cool of the metal) will be really interesting to explore for the toddler) and then allow your child play with them.

For the rings, I just ordered online curtains rings, even for the metal ones. I couldn’t find without the prominent bit so I foiled it and that’s totally ok. Just, don’t do the same mistake than me: choose large rings. I took the metal and wood 35mm rings but those in metal are too small and easily “eatable” for a cheeky toddler…

Helene Herniou

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